Alpha Omega Clinic offers a team of professionals who integrate the principles of psychology with the wisdom of the Catholic faith. Please contact our administrative office for assistance with selecting a clinician whose specialties and availability match your needs.

Dr. Kathleen Musslewhite, Psy.D.
Dr. Kathleen Musslewhite, Psy.D.Executive Director
Dr. Su Li Lee, Psy.D.
Dr. Su Li Lee, Psy.D. Director of Clinical Services
Ann Samperio
Ann SamperioDirector of Operations
Paola Rodríguez
Paola RodríguezAdministrative Assistant
Jessie Tappel, LCPC
Jessie Tappel, LCPC HIPAA Privacy Officer
Nora Dixon
Nora DixonBilling Coordinator
Mary Rivers, LCPC
Mary Rivers, LCPCClinician-Bethesda
Michael Hayes, LCSW-C
Michael Hayes, LCSW-C Clinician - Bethesda
Barbara Currano, LCPC, NCC
Barbara Currano, LCPC, NCC Clinician - Bethesda
 Laura O’Neill, LPC
Laura O’Neill, LPCClinician - Fairfax
Jonathan Dixon, LMFT
Jonathan Dixon, LMFTClinician - Fairfax
Daniel Crandall, LPC
Daniel Crandall, LPC Clinician- Fairfax
Virginia Madden, LCPC
Virginia Madden, LCPCClinician- Alexandria
James Bryan, MA
James Bryan, MAClinician - Fairfax
Danietta Charles, LPC
Danietta Charles, LPCClinician - Fairfax
Vincent Terreri, LPC, CT
Vincent Terreri, LPC, CTClinician - Fairfax
Maggie Maxwell, MA
Maggie Maxwell, MAClinician - Fairfax
Rita Wasilewski, LPC
Rita Wasilewski, LPCClinician - Fairfax
Theresa Doub, LCPC
Theresa Doub, LCPCClinician- Bethesda
Maria DeLuca, M.S.
Maria DeLuca, M.S.Clinician- Alexandria
Dr. Antony Bond, Psy.D.
Dr. Antony Bond, Psy.D.Clinician- Fairfax
G. Wells Petras, LPC
G. Wells Petras, LPCClinician- Fairfax
Letha Valiaveedu, EdD, LCPC, GCDF
Letha Valiaveedu, EdD, LCPC, GCDFClinician- Bethesda
Laura Aydlette, MS
Laura Aydlette, MSClinician- Fairfax
Michael Wagner, PsyD
Michael Wagner, PsyDClinician - Alexandria
Dr. Jennifer Kalish, PsyD
Dr. Jennifer Kalish, PsyDClinician- Bethesda
Allison Ward
Allison WardIntake Coordinator
Sister Maria Amata Rossi, RSM, MPsy
Sister Maria Amata Rossi, RSM, MPsyClinical Extern- Bethesda

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