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Alpha Omega Clinic offers a team of professionals who integrate the principles of psychology with the wisdom of the Catholic faith. Please contact our administrative office for assistance with selecting a clinician whose specialties and availability match your needs.

Kathleen Gallagher, LCSW-C
Kathleen Gallagher, LCSW-CDirector
Ann Samperio
Ann SamperioAssociate Director
Katie Wisowaty
Katie WisowatyIntake Coordinator
Jessie Tappel, LCPC
Jessie Tappel, LCPC Outreach Coordinator & Clinician-Bethesda
Mary Rivers, LGPC
Mary Rivers, LGPCClinician-Bethesda
Carolyn Hansen, LCSW-C
Carolyn Hansen, LCSW-C Clinician - Bethesda
Michael Hayes, LCSW-C
Michael Hayes, LCSW-C Clinician - Bethesda
Daniel Beigel, LCPC, NCC
Daniel Beigel, LCPC, NCCClinician - Bethesda
Marie Aleman, LCPC
Marie Aleman, LCPCClinician - Bethesda & Fairfax
Barbara Currano, LCPC, NCC
Barbara Currano, LCPC, NCC Clinician - Ellicott City & Bethesda
Marianna Taylor, LCSW-C
Marianna Taylor, LCSW-C Clinician - Ellicott City
Maureen Newberg, LCSW-C, CSAT
Maureen Newberg, LCSW-C, CSAT Clinician - Fairfax
Dr. Lianna R. Bennett, Psy. D.
Dr. Lianna R. Bennett, Psy. D. Clinician - Fairfax
Jonathan Dixon, LMFT
Jonathan Dixon, LMFTClinician - Fairfax
Daniel Crandall, LGPC
Daniel Crandall, LGPC Clinician- Fairfax & Bethesda
Dr. Marie Claire Roderick, Psy.D.
Dr. Marie Claire Roderick, Psy.D. Clinician - Fairfax
Dr. Su Li Lee, Psy.D.
Dr. Su Li Lee, Psy.D. Clinician - Alexandria
Erica Englefield, LPC
Erica Englefield, LPCClinician - Alexandria
Elizabeth F. Moncher, MS, MSW
Elizabeth F. Moncher, MS, MSW Clinician - Alexandria
Jean Bond, LCSW
Jean Bond, LCSW Clinician - Alexandria & Fairfax
Caroline McGervey, MS
Caroline McGervey, MSClinician - Alexandria
Tiffany O'Hara, LCPC
Tiffany O'Hara, LCPCClinician- Ellicott City
Dr. Michael Horne, Psy.D.
Dr. Michael Horne, Psy.D. Clinician- Alexandria
Annie Mosimann, MA
Annie Mosimann, MAClinician- Fairfax
Virginia Madden, LGPC
Virginia Madden, LGPCClinician- Bethesda
James Bryan
James BryanClinical Intern - Fairfax
Dr. Frank Moncher, Ph.D.
Dr. Frank Moncher, Ph.D.Clinician - Alexandria
Danietta Charles, MS
Danietta Charles, MSClinician - Fairfax

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