Alpha Omega Clinic offers a team of professionals who integrate the principles of psychology with the wisdom of the Catholic faith. Please contact our administrative office for assistance with selecting a clinician whose specialties and availability match your needs.

Dr. Kathleen Musslewhite, Psy.D.
Dr. Kathleen Musslewhite, Psy.D.Executive Director
Mary Rivers, LCPC
Mary Rivers, LCPCClinician-Bethesda
Michael Hayes, LCSW-C
Michael Hayes, LCSW-C Clinician - Bethesda
Barbara Currano, LCPC, NCC
Barbara Currano, LCPC, NCC Clinician - Bethesda
Letha Valiaveedu, EdD, LCPC, GCDF
Letha Valiaveedu, EdD, LCPC, GCDFClinician- Bethesda
Theresa Doub, LCPC
Theresa Doub, LCPCClinician- Bethesda
Dr. Jennifer Kalish, PsyD
Dr. Jennifer Kalish, PsyDClinician- Bethesda
Sister Maria Amata Rossi, RSM, MPsy
Sister Maria Amata Rossi, RSM, MPsyClinical Extern- Bethesda
Susan Gallucci, LCSW
Susan Gallucci, LCSWClinician-Bethesda

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