Change is scary and difficult and complicated. We often feel stuck with what we know because on some level it works and it’s familiar, even if it’s not great. This cannot last forever. There comes a time when staying the same becomes more painful than changing. Wherever you may be in that process … I hope these words bring you comfort:

For those of you who have not yet reached this day, please know that it is possible when you’re ready. You may have needed to remain tight in a bud to protect yourself and you do not need to stay this way forever. There are possibilities you cannot imagine that exist outside of your pain. ⁣

For those of you who have reached this day, thank you for taking the risk to find out what it’s like to blossom. You are courageous, resilient, and inspiring. I hope that risk continues to echo forward, bringing you to even greater places.

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* The information provided is for self-enrichment and not intended to replace any necessary mental health treatment.⁣


Jonathan Dixon, LMFT
Alpha Omega Team