Setting boundaries is an essential aspect of maintaining healthy relationships and fostering personal well-being. It’s about recognizing and communicating our limits, asserting our needs, and establishing a framework that preserves our emotional and mental space. By setting clear boundaries, we create a foundation for mutual respect, understanding, and a healthier balance between giving and receiving. As we navigate through life, mastering the art of setting boundaries sets the foundation for building fulfilling connections and nurturing our own growth.

Discomfort, uneasiness, and burnout can be indicators that a boundary needs to be adjusted. It’s important to note that most of the time poor boundaries are not intentional; we can all get stuck in a pattern of unconsciously pushing our limits. After you’ve identified a boundary that needs to be adjusted, you can ask yourself two questions: how did I lose my balance and what’s an alternative to shift me away from that? There is a lot of nuance in setting boundaries; expectations and needs can be influenced by cultural, societal, and intergenerational factors. Be sure to make room for this; it’s ok if your boundaries look different than someone else’s.

Learning to set boundaries is uncomfortable and can take a bit of courage. It’s best if you can lean on a supportive other as you work through this process.

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* The information provided is for self-enrichment and not intended to replace any necessary mental health treatment.⁣


Jonathan Dixon, LMFT
Alpha Omega Team