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Healthy Minds, Healthy Souls

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Healthy Minds, Healthy Souls

Healthy Minds, Healthy Souls was co-sponsored by the Alpha Omega Clinic and the Center for Family Development. The program broadcasted interviews with noted Catholic speakers and writers, to help people integrate the Catholic principles of psychology and morality into their daily lives. The shows were recorded from 2002 through 2005 at the studios of WUST in Falls Church, Virginia. We have permission from WUST New World Radio to place these programs on our site. Each program is approximately 24 minutes, divided into three eight minute segments.


Alcoholism with Dr. Christopher Dyslin

Christopher Dyslin, Ph.D is an Assistant Professor of Psychology and Counseling at Governors State University in Illinois. He is a former faculty member at the Institute for Psychological Sciences in Arlington, Virginia. His teaching and research interests include the integration of Catholic contemplative spirituality with psychology, spiritual aspects of addiction and recovery, the history of soul-care in the Church, and the relationship of religious beliefs to various behaviors. Chris and his wife, Carol, reside with their four children in the Chicago area.

Alcoholism Part I
Alcoholism Part II

Chastity with Mary Beth Bonacci

Mary Beth Bonacci has written two books, We’re on a Mission from God and Real Love, and she writes a regular, syndicated column for various publications. To get more information on Mary Beth and her numerous publications and speaking engagements go to her web site, Real Love, Inc. at www.reallove.net.

Chastity Part I
Chastity Part II
Chastity Part III

Communication with Dr. Bernard Guerney

Dr. Bernard Guerney, Jr., Ph.D., founder of the National Institute of Relationship Enhancement, is internationally recognized as one of the most prominent and innovative practitioners of marital and family therapy. His methods have been developed and refined in over thirty five years of practicing, teaching and supervising individual, marital, group, and family therapy. Dr. Guerney and his wife, Dr. Louise Guerney, have won several national awards. Alone or with others he has produced over 80 articles and chapters, four books, and numerous manuals, training tapes, and films in the areas of individual, marital, group, and family therapy. For more information on the National Institute of Relationship Enhancement and the work of Dr. Guerney go to www.nire.org or call 1-800-4-Families.

Communication Part I
Communication Part II
Communication Part III

Skills vital and essential for Communication/ 2 key values: Honesty & Compassion with Dr. Bernard Guerney

Honesty and Compassion Part I
Honesty and Compassion Part II
Honesty and Compassion Part III

Problem Resolution with Dr. Bernard Guerney

Problem Resolution Part I
Problem Resolution Part II
Problem Resolution Part III

Fr. Richard Gill, L.C. was the founder and original producer of Healthy Minds/ Healthy Souls. Fr. Richard is currently in Mount Kisco, New York. For more information go to www.olmk.org.

Five Obstacles of Spiritual Growth with Fr. Richard Gill

Obstacles to Spiritual Growth Part I
Obstacles to Spiritual Growth Part II
Obstacles to Spiritual Growth Part III

Suffering: What suffering means in our lives with Fr. Richard Gill

Meaning of Suffering Part I
Meaning of Suffering Part II
Meaning of Suffering Part III

Patrick DiVietri, Ph.D is the executive director of the Family Life Institute, and is an adjunct professor at Mount Saint Mary’s Seminary, the North American Pontifical College, Rome, Italy. Christendom College, and Notre Dame Graduate Institute. For more information on his pastoral work, writings and presentations go to his website: www.familylifeinstitute.org.

Forgiveness: the only remedy with Patrick DiVietri


Preparing for Marriage: The essential elements of marriage with Patrick DiVietri

Preparing for Marriage

Dr. Lisa Klewicki is a licensed Clinical Psychologist. She holds a Doctorate of Philosophy Degree in Clinical Psychology and a Master’s Degree in Theology. Dr. Klewicki has extensive experience speaking to both lay and academic audiences around issues of Catholic relationships, marriage, family life, parenting, and child development through the integration of sound Psychology & solid Theology. She maintains a private practice in Falls Church, Virginia, specializing in psychological assessment, and psychotherapy. Her website is: www.fountainoflife.us

Intimacy Ghosts with Dr. Lisa Klewicki

Intimacy Ghosts

Intimacy Issues with Dr. Lisa Klewicki

Intimacy Issues I
Intimacy Issues II
Intimacy Issues III

Marriage Modeled on the Trinity with Dr. Lisa Klewicki


Moving from Anger to Love and Charity with Dr. Lisa Klewicki

From Anger to Charity

Parenting Styles with Dr. Lisa Klewicki

Parenting Styles I
Parenting Styles II
Parenting Styles III

Dr. Gregory Popcak is the director of the Pastoral Solutions Institute which provides telephone counseling services to Catholics worldwide. He is the author of seven popular books integrating the Catholic faith and contemporary counseling practice. Together with his wife, Lisa, he hosts Heart Mind and Strength Radio, a daily call-in program carried on Catholic radio stations across the US. You can visit the Pastoral Solutions Institute online at www.exceptionalmarriages.com

Marriage with Greg Popcak

Marriage I
Marriage II
Marriage III