In their September 23rd issue, the National Catholic Register interviewed Alpha Omega Clinic psychologist Dr. Margaret Laracy on how she became interested the study of beauty and its psychological benefits. Dr. Laracy recounts that it was primarily through the writings of Pope Benedict XVI, Msgr. Luigi Giussani and Kennth Schmitz that she became increasingly aware of how the various forms of beauty can help to heal the human person, particularly in terms of psychological healing.” Beauty can be found in nature, art, and music (among other areas) and requires a receptivity, an openness in order to experience it. She describes how the experience of beauty is one that is both restorative and contemplative and emphasizes that the experience of beauty has a relational component since it draws a person outside of himself and towards another. An encounter with true beauty draws one into relationship with the source of all beauty, who is God. Dr. Laracy also describes how her own increasing appreciation for beauty has helped her to facilitate psychological healing in her clients, and to encourage her clients to actively seek experiences of beauty themselves.

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