In Your Brain on Porn: 5 Ways Pornography Warps Your Mind and 3 Biblical Ways to Renew It, Luke Gilkerson presents compelling research demonstrating the extensive damage of pornography on the human person. According to Gilkerson, research shows that watching pornography decreases an individual’s sexual satisfaction, impairs an individual’s ability to have healthy and authentic relationships, promotes an attitude of devaluing women, and desensitizes a person to violence. Gilkerson also explains how watching pornography changes the neural pathways in an individual’s brain, leading the brain to crave more and more pornography to fuel the feelings of excitement and arousal.

Gilkerson also offers a message of hope and presents three ways Christianity helps an individual turn away from the harmful effects of pornography and turn towards the saving grace of God. These include: cultivating an attitude of hope, studying the Bible to renew one’s understanding of God’s views on sexuality, and embracing the community for support and accountability. Gilkerson reminds the reader that there is hope for those who feel trapped in the harmful cycle of pornography because God’s love and mercy are stronger than any hold pornography can have on a person.

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